Valli di Fiemme e Fassa

  • Pozza di Fassa

    Baite Val San Nicolò

    Val San Nicolò is a valley of the Dolomites, located in the largest water catchment area of ​​the Val di Fassa. It is located entirely in the municipality of Pozza di Fassa,…

  • Pian

    Campitello di Fassa (Pian)

    Grouped at the mouth of the Val Duron, at the foot of the spectacular balcony of Col Rodella, stands the village of Campitello di Fassa. Known summer and winter tourist resort, Campitello…

  • Cavalese


    Cavalese is part of the ‘Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme’, and is the administrative, cultural and historical centre of the Fiemme Valley together with Predazzo. It is located 1000 metres above sea level.…

  • Cavalese

    Cavalese Church

    The archpriest church of the Assunta is located in the park of Pieve in Cavalese, in Val di Fiemme. The gothic building is characterized by the soaring bell tower built in the…

  • Cavalese

    Cavalese Ice Palace

    The Cavalese Ice Palace has a covered, diamond-shaped skating rink measuring 30 × 60 meters where it is possible to skate in both summer and winter.

  • Cavalese

    Cazzan Riccabona Palace

    Palazzo Cazzan-Riccabona (Casa del Pero) is an authentic architectural jewel that overlooks the ancient Piazza dei Frati in Cavalese. This is a building of considerable value belonging to one of the noble…

  • Vigo di Fassa

    Church of San Giovanni

    It was the mother church of all the others in Val di Fassa and built between the first and second half of the 1500s. The Church of S. Giovanni which is located…

  • Col Rodella

    Col Rodella

    The Col Rodella is a mountain in the Fassa Valley in the heart of the Dolomites, located in the Sassopiatto mountain range. The Col Rodella is considered the best place for a…

  • Passo Fedaia

    Fedaia dam

    The Fedaia dam is 57 m high, 622 m long and 42 m thick at the base. The attached hydroelectric power plant allows the production of 20 MW of energy. In 1950,…

  • Predazzo

    Forte Buso dam

    The Forte Buso dam is part of the Cismon Waterway together with the Val Schener dam, and supplies the village of Caoria with water. Its barrier forms the artificial Paneveggio Lake, also…

  • Pozza di Fassa

    Gardeccia Refuge

    Historical refuge in the valley of Gardeccia along the Vajolet valley, surrounded by green meadows and woods, surrounded by the Catinaccio Group, Torri del Vajolet and Dirupi del Larsèc at 1949 mt.

  • Passo Rolle

    Lake Colbricon

    The magnificent Colbricon lakes, linked by a stream, are located in a stunning basin overlooked by the peak of Mount Colbricon (part of the Lagorai mountain range). The most convenient base for…

  • Cavalese

    Palace of the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme

    Used in the beginning as a summer residence by the prince bishops of Trento, after a long period of decline started at the end of the sixteenth century, the palace was entrusted…

  • Paneveggio

    Paneveggio Forest

    Red spruces make up almost 90% of the trees in the forest, a vast patch of woodland that fans out across approximately 2,700 hectares in the high basin of Travignolo, between the…

  • Penia


    Penia is a fraction of the municipality of Canazei, in Val di Fassa, on the course of the stream Avisio. Located at a rather high height (1555 m above sea level), the…

  • Pieve Tesino

    Piazza Maggiore

    In Piazza Maggiore there are: the Palazzo del Municipio Vecchio, the Pellizzaro-Carestia House and the Buffa-Caporale House. In the middle of the square there is the monumental eighteenth-century octagonal red stone fountain…

  • Pozza di Fassa

    Preuss e Vajolet refuges

    Since 1913 the Paul Preuss Refuge is located in the heart of the Catinaccio at the foot of the famous Towers of Vajolet at mt. 2243 s.l.m. Built by the mountain guide…

  • Passo Pordoi

    Sass Pordoi

    Sass Pordoi is a peak in the Dolomites, in the Sella Mountain Range. It is the southernmost peak of the entire Sella Mountain Range, made up of a vast plain sloping down…

  • Trento, Passo Pordoi, Arabba, Passo Campolongo, Cortina, Dobbbiaco.

    The Great Dolomites Road

    The Great Dolomites Road was built in the early 20th century to encourage the development of the tourist economy and show the world the natural beauties of the Dolomites, which have been…

  • Masi di Cavalese

    The Masi di Cavalese Waterfall

    The Masi di Cavalese Waterfall can be reached via the tarmacked road closed off to traffic.

  • Zona Pampeago - Passo Lavazè

    The Val di Fiemme Dolomites