Preuss e Vajolet refuges

Since 1913 the Paul Preuss Refuge is located in the heart of the Catinaccio at the foot of the famous Towers of Vajolet at mt. 2243 s.l.m. Built by the mountain guide Tita Piaz and dedicated by him to Paul Preuss, also famous climber of 1900 and a precursor of free climbing, is still managed by the Piaz family. The Rifugio Vajolet can be reached from Pera di Fassa with a minibus service for the Gardeccia Refuge, from where one hour’s walk leads to the Vajolet Refuge. With the chairlift that always starts from Pera to Pian Pecei, you reach the Gardeccia refuge in 30 minutes and then continue to the Vajolet shelter along the same road. Finally, from Vigo di Fassa with the Catinaccio cable car up to the Ciampedie, the Vajolet refuge can be reached in about an hour and a half.


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