Paneveggio Forest

Red spruces make up almost 90% of the trees in the forest, a vast patch of woodland that fans out across approximately 2,700 hectares in the high basin of Travignolo, between the Lagorai mountain range, the Pala Group mountain range, and the Cima Bocche mountain at a height of between 1,400m and 2,150m.
Some of the trees are centuries old, and can reach up to 40m in height, like the silver spruces lower down, and the larches and stone pines on higher ground. The area is also known as the ‘forest of violins’, to this day, famous instrument makers come to the forest, like Stradivarius before them, to choose red spruce wood with good acoustic qualities to make the sound boxes of musical instruments.
Originally belonging to the Counts of Tyrol, so the House of Austria, after the First World War Paneveggio Forest became the property of the Italian State and then, following the Statute of Autonomy, the Trentino-Alto Adige Region and finally, the Autonomous Province of Trento.


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