Cazzan Riccabona Palace

Palazzo Cazzan-Riccabona (Casa del Pero) is an authentic architectural jewel that overlooks the ancient Piazza dei Frati in Cavalese. This is a building of considerable value belonging to one of the noble Fiemme families of 1700. On the first floor there is the Consiliorum domus, embellished with frescoes with historiated ceilings. The building is also known as house Bertagnolli or Casa del Pero by the last owner Italo Del Pero who has invested a wealth to fix the facade and also the elegant eighteenth-century apartment inside.
The residence before becoming Casa Riccabona was the home of the noble baron Vigilio Firmian, owner of the castle of the same name south of Bolzano. The construction as it is presented today has undergone many changes. The building is in the shape of a half octagon with 4 facades that probably leaned against a watchtower in the south that now no longer exists.


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