T-Green Film

The story of GREEN FILM.

In 2017 Trentino Film Fund and Commission launched T-Green Film, a new tool for promoting environmental sustainability in the film industry, becoming the first regional fund in Europe to both prize and certify production companies that work in a more environmentally sustainable way.

In 2019 T-Green Film underwent a revision and evolved into GREEN FILM, becoming an off-the-shelf tool, ready to be adopted by other institutions, such as film funds, film commissions, and broadcasters, and to be used in other regions. At the present time, Trentino Film Commission is committed in the development of an international network of institutions that share GREEN FILM as a common tool for encouraging and certifying environmentally sustainable film production.

More complete information on GREEN FILM can be found on its webiste: green.film

How does GREEN FILM work.

Film production companies that are planning to shoot their films or television series in Trentino can choose, on a voluntary basis, to use the GREEN FILM Rating System as a guide to a more sustainable approach in their work. By implementing the actions reported in the manual, producers can rationalise the power consumption on the set, optimise the use of vehicles, improve the selection of materials, choose more healthy and sustainable catering options, ensure the correct management of waste, and learn how to communicate sustainability in order to increase the public’s awareness.

GREEN FILM in a few steps:

  • When applying to the Trentino Film Fund, producers declare, by filling out a checklist, which environmental sustainability criteria listed in the GREEN FILM Rating System they wish to comply with during the shooting. Doing so, the project receives a number of green points.
  • During the evaluation phase, the project is assigned an additional score based on the number of green points collected, which translates into an additional contribution by the Film Fund.
  • During the shooting, the production undertakes to comply with the criteria adopted.
  • During and after the shooting, APPA – Provincial Agency for the Protection of the Environment, a public and independent certifying body, verifies whether the criteria are actually being complied with.
  • If the verification is positive, the production receives from APPA the GREEN FILM environmental sustainability certification  and Trentino Film Fund confirms the additional contribution.


GREEN FILM has been developed in association with APPA (Agenzia Provinciale per la Protezione dell’Ambiente) and TIS Engineering.