Fort Tenna

Fort Tenna (in German: Werk Tenna) is an Austro-Hungarian military fort located on a hill that divides the Caldonazzo and Levico Lakes, near the town of Tenna, in the Province of Trento. The fort is part of the ‘Tenna Blockade’ of the ‘Subrayon III’ of the large system of Austrian fortresses on the Italian border. The fort sits 608m above sea level, dominating the Sugana Valley and two lakes below.
It was built as one of two identical structures, the other being Fort Col de le Bene in the San Biagio hills. Together, they helped the Austrian keep tight control of the Upper Sugana Valley (Valsuganasperre) and the Sorda Valley, stopping the enemy from advancing on the Fortress of Trento. The fort was also used to watch over the road from Monterovere leading to the forts of Lavarone and Vezzena, as well as the Caldonazzo Plain below. It was built between 1880 and 1882.

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