Fort Colle delle Benne

The Colle delle Benne fort is an Austro-Hungarian military fort located near the town of Ronchi del Col de le Bène in the municipal area of ​​Levico Terme, in the province of Trento. The fort belongs to the “Barrier of Tenna” of the “Subrayon III” of the great system of Austrian fortifications on the Italian border. The fort is located on the hill of San Biagio at a height of 660 meters s.l.m.. It dominates the north side of the underlying lake of Levico and part of the high Valsugana. On the other side of the valley, along the southern shore of the lake, there is a twin work, the Tenna fort. The fortified structure occupies 20,765 square meters that fell in the municipal territories of Levico, but also of Pergine. Only the fort, on the other hand, occupies 240 square meters.

Easily accessible by car - in winter there is no snow problem as it is a municipal road and therefore subject to cleaning. Presence of hygienic services and electricity (no total lighting but only some areas). Large outdoor space (about 6000sqm)


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