Fort Luserna

Fort Campo in Luserna (in German: Wek Lusern) is a military fortress located 1,549m above sea level on the Cima Campo Plain in Luserna.
It was built between 1908 and 1912, and originally comprised a main building on the Cima Campo Plain (1,549m above sea level) and two outposts, Viaz (1,507m) to the east and Oberwiesen (1,517m) to the west. The main building was triangular in shape with moats up to 10m wide and 4m deep which, like the Oberwiesen outpost, were built using concrete with armoured structures carved into the rock.
The Oberwiesen outpost served mainly as a lookout point for watching over the Astico Valley, and was essential for visual communication with the watchtower on Mount Rust and the Belvedere-Gschwent and Sebastiano-Cherle forts.


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