Fort Corno

Fort Corno is an Austro-Hungarian fortress. The fort belongs to the “Larraro di Lardaro” of the “Subrayon III” of the great system of Austrian fortifications on the Italian border. The fortress was built in the years from 1890 to 1892 according to the style of Vogl, it is located in the valley of Chiese, in south-western Trentino in the land registry of Praso. The purpose of the fortified barrier of Lardaro was to prevent a possible advance of the Royal Italian army in the region of Tyrol. The fort controlled the Val Giudicarie from above, acting as a pincer with the Cariola fort built on the opposite side of the valley. The fort has a volume of 18,000 cubic meters, 53 rooms and is spread over six levels following the orography and the profile of the rocky spur on which it is built.

Reachable by car with two-way street but still narrow. Presence of water and light. Presence of ventilation everywhere therefore it does not present humidity inside.


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