Castel Noarna

Noarna Castle

The origin of the castle is to be traced, as a fortified point, to the VI – VII century while the first documented news of the fortress of Castelnuovo dates back to 1177. The base of the current system (the keep, the fortifications and the Guelph battlements) dates back to the XIII century. The watchtower is the first access point to the castle that served to control the wooden drawbridge. Inside the castle is the Mastio, a fundamental element of the castle’s defensive structure, formed by the main tower adorned with a Guelph battlements, two guard rooms and prisons. From the courtyard of the Mastio we can access the Chapel. Inside we find a rectangular apse with round windows. The vaults of the apse and of the nave are cross-vaulted. Of notable importance is the altarpiece “The coronation of the virgin with Saints Nicholas and Francis”, dating back to 1580.


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