Trento - Sala della Filarmonica

The Philharmonic Hall - Trento

The Philharmonic Society of Trento fought hard to secure itself a permanent base. At the end of the 19th century it found itself needing suitable spaces to work in, following measures issued by the Municipality of Trento banning the use of the town hall for concerts and closing the music academy.
The then president of the Society, Carlo Chiappani, reacted immediately by entering into negotiations for the construction of a special building, referred to as the ‘house of music’, on a municipal plot of land in Via Alessandro Vottoria. The project was assigned to an architect from Trento, Emilio Paor, known for his neo-Renaissance style in the construction and restoration of churches in Trentino.
The building was finished in a year and inaugurated with a concert on 30 May 1905. As well as an underground area, a mezzanine level with eight rooms and a small apartment for the concierge was included, along with a first floor with a concert hall and two practice rooms, and a second floor with three rooms and porticos at the top of the hall. With the exception of a few modifications to the mezzanine level, the building still looks like it originally did when it was built in 1905. The design submitted by the Philharmonic Society was not limited to the architectural elements and walls of the building, but also included essential ‘accessories’ for the great hall: a piano and an organ.


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