Rovereto - centro storico


Rovereto is the main centre of the Lagarina Valley. Translated, its name means ‘City of the oak tree’, from the Roman name for the place, ‘Roboretum’, or rather: forest of oaks, of which there are lots in the valley and which feature in the town’s crest.
The town has kept the urban layout of a Medieval town, with a cluster of houses arranged around a castle and protected by a string of walls. In 1750 the Accademia degli Agiati was founded, and in 1782 the Zandonai theatre was built.
The 19th century was marked by the birth of important institutions, like the Cassa di Risparmio di Rovereto (1841), the Spino acqueduct (1843-45), the Tobacco Factory (1854), and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Italian Tyrol.
With its art and history, Rovereto is the perfect destination for visitors with a soft spot for history and art: the Mart, the Museum of Modern Contemporary Art, is considered one of the most important in Europe, and hosts important temporary and permanent exhibitions. Then there’s the Civic Museum, which also holds an international archaeological film festival, the Museum of War in Rovereto Castle, which focuses on the First World War, and the Bell of Peace, which chimes 100 times every evening in memory of soldiers fallen in war.


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