Riva del Garda

Riva del Garda is located on the north-west side of Lake Garda. To the west is Mount Rocchetta (1,575m), whilst Mount Baldo rises up to the east (2,218m).
Riva del Garda has the characteristic appearance of towns from the 13th century, with narrow roads and stately residences.
The centre of the town has typically Medieval architecture, looks straight onto the lake, and is bordered by Lombard-Venetian-style buildings: the fortress, which is today home to the Civic Museum and the Art Gallery, the Apponale Tower, which was once a place of trade and fairs, Palazzo Pretorio, with its portico sheltering Roman, Medieval and modern commemorative plaques, the historical Palazzo del Comune, the Church of the Inviolata, and the Church of S. Maria Assunta, which are important examples of Baroque architecture. Riva del Garda has ancient origins: inhabited since the pre-Roman period (digs carried out on Mount San Martino uncovered a sanctuary there), the old town of Ripa was, in the Roman period, part of the Municipium of Brescia. It was then ruled by the Goti, the Lombards, the Francs, and finally, the Prince-Bishoprics of Trento.


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