Arco - centro storico


Arco is located in the North of the Altogarda Plain, at the end of the valley of the River Sarca, which flows into Lake Garda here, a place sheltered by the mountains.
The town extends out from the slopes of a rocky cliff from which the magnificent Medieval castle looks out over the entire Alto Garda valley.
The place is a ‘natural clinic for clean, healthy and clear air’, which is of Albert VII, Archduke of Austria, originally described Arco’s air. In a short space of time a number of sanatoriums sprang up, where people still go for undergo treatments involving bathing, inhalation therapy and heliotherapy.
The town centre acquired its characteristic style, which is reflected in its parks and gardens, elegant liberty-style villas and beautiful palaces, under Austrian rule. The old town features a picturesque series of carved stone gateways in particular. In Arco’s Arboretum you can see plants from four of the world’s continents, ad part of an itinerary that ideally continues in the public gardens and with a romantic stroll among the olive trees leading the Medieval castle. The counts of Arco had the Castle built on a rock overlooking the entire area, in the middle of the Sarca Valley.


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