Austro-Hungarian War Cemetery of Bondo

The Austro-Hungarian War Cemetery is a memorial cemetery for soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire who died in the First World War.
It was built in 1916 in the Giudicarie Valleys, between the Chiese and Sarca Rivers. It features a granite flight of steps, at the top of which is a monument dedicated to the Austro-Hungarian soldiers who died in the Great War between 1915 and 1918. Among the fir trees are irregular lines of graves. The sequential numbers are marked by concrete memorial stones, and the names of the deceased are written on black crosses.
In the cemetery are small funereal monuments, memorial stones and headstones, and the cemetery itself is the final resting place of 719 Austro-Hungarian soldiers, 26 of which are unknown. The cemetery is also home to the remains of the Germanic lieutenant of the Hanoverian 10th Jager Battalion, who died in June 1915 with the troops sent as reinforcements to the Austro-Hungarian forces with other Germanic units, at the beginning of the campaign.

Il cimitero si trova in paese e pertanto è facilmente accessibile. Gode inoltre di un parcheggio sottostante abbastanza capiente.


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