Cascate Vallesinella

The Vallesinella Waterfall

The River Sarca di Vallesinella forms a series of three picturesque waterfalls (upper, middle and lower).
Around a kilometre away from Vallesinella is a track off the main road that winds down to the Cascate di Mezzo mountain hut (1,398m above sea level), which is located at the foot of the most spectacular of the three waterfalls, the middle one. This waterfall can also be reached from Malga Bassa in the Brenta Valley, by hiking up to the Prà del Casòn clearing (Malga Fratte) and coming to the waterfall from below. The upper waterfall can be reached from the Vallesinella mountain hut, by following the track through the forest east along the Tuckett mountain hut cableway and climbing up a series od ladders and bridges with parapets placed between the picturesque falls.


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