• Masi di Cavalese

    The Masi di Cavalese Waterfall

    The Masi di Cavalese Waterfall can be reached via the tarmacked road closed off to traffic.

  • Val Rendena - Val di Genova

    The Nardis Waterfall

    The Nardis Waterfall stems from the Presanella glacier, pouring water into the valley from a height of 921m, and free falling through 130m. In the winter it freezes over completely. The waterfall…

  • Malga Stabét

    The Saent Waterfall

    Easily accessible on foot, the Saent waterfall is a truly picturesque feature of this corner of Stelvio National Park.

  • Madonna di Campiglio

    The Vallesinella Waterfall

    The River Sarca di Vallesinella forms a series of three picturesque waterfalls (upper, middle and lower). Around a kilometre away from Vallesinella is a track off the main road that winds down…

  • Val Daone, Valli Giudicarie