There’s a party in a design study. Roberta, an about 20 years old girl, desperately tries to stay next to her friend Cecilia, but Lorenzo a 30 something terrible womanizer manages to take her
friend away.
Roberta, suffering with psychosomatic invisibility and disappearing if no one pays attention to her,
slowly becomes invisible. At the same party there is also Massimo, a guy with
her same age, and that unfortunately suffers with the opposite psychosomatic invisibility.
In fact, he is anxious and disappears when someone pays attention to him. Rita,
another girl, approaches him smiling and bringing him a drink and Massimo
disappears. A surreal comedy telling the life of these two guys from teenage to
their access to adult-age.
The movie, even if based on out whole cloth
premises, proposes a very current remark on relational problems actually perceived
by nowadays’ young generation and maybe by the past ones too.

  • Pietro Reggiani
  • Pietro Reggiani
  • Luca Coassin
  • Pietro Reggiani
  • Daniele Frabetti
  • Elena Moncada
  • Carlo Missidenti
  • Adagio Film
  • Giacomo Durzi
  • Federico Verdinelli
  • Camilla Fomiatti
  • Alex Tapparelli
  • Angelo Nuzzi