The movie is
made up of two episodes, different both in plot and in characters, but sharing
the red thread of the unlikely love at first sight.
The first
episode, starring Lillo and Greg (two very famous comic actors in Italy), sees
a Vatican’s ambassador, a well-read and polished man, falling in love at first
sight with a fish-seller woman.
secretary will have to achieve the hard goal of transforming him in a very much
ruder man in order to conquer his lover’s hearth.
The second
episode sees Christian De Sica playing a very honest psychiatric doctor that is
going to be erroneously arrested. In order to escape from revenue officers, he
disguises himself as a priest and very soon he is sent in a small church in a
small mountain village. The newly become priest falls in love at first sight
when he meets a beautiful charming woman who will turn out to be the very wrong
person he should be in love with: a policewoman. Since he is escaping the law,
he will not be able to confess his love to the charming woman until his
innocence is not proven.