Park of Levico

The history of the spa park is closely related to the idea of the spa town and began in 1898, with the acquisition by Giulio Adriano Pollacseck, director of the Levico-Vetriolo Heilquellen Company, of an “arable land with vines and mulberries …” of 120,000 meters in the Caodigne area. The aim is to create a “thermal cure place” consisting of a large establishment – hotel nestled in the middle of a large park. At the beginning of the twentieth century the Berlin gardener Georg Zill was commissioned to design the park, which will have to respect the canons of nineteenth-century fashion. Thus a park with a network of walks for the pleasure of guests of the great hotel of the thermal baths, built in record time and inaugurated in 1905. From the railway station you immediately enter into direct relationship with the spa complex through a tree-lined avenue that leads to the main entrance of the park and from there to the Grand Hotel. At that time date back the plants of monumental trees that can still be admired today, like the giant tuie and the big sequoia. Villa Paradiso, the graceful Art Nouveau building located in the central position of the park, is the residence of the gardener. Instead, after the war the beech trees and other hardwoods, added to the park by the then director Alcide Saltori who will first insert the flower beds in the clearings once dedicated to heliotherapy. The firs of the Caucasus delimitate bound some main avenues.


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