Monte Bondone

Mont Bondone Viote

At the centre of Mount Bondone, approximately 1,500m above sea level, is the Viote plateau, which is surrounded by four peaks: Mount Palon (2090m above sea level), which overlooks the Adige Valley and the city of Trento, as well as the so-called three peaks of Bondone, or rather Mount Cornetto/Cronicello (2,180m, the highest peak in the massif), Doss d’Abramo (2,140m), and Cima Verde (2,102m).
These also comprise a natural haven and are protected. The plateau is closed to the west by the Rosta (1,832m), which overlooks the Laghi Valley. The Viote plateau is an interesting biotope given its peat bog and the local plant species it is home to. It is also known for its large botanical garden, the Viote Alpine Botanical Garden on Mount Bondone. On the southern edge of the plateau are the old Austrian barracks, Austro-Hungarian military buildings.


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