Dolomiti di Brenta

The Brenta Dolomites

The only group of mountains in the Dolomites located to the west of the River Adige, the Brenta Dolomites span approximately 40km from north to south, and approximately 12km from east to west. They have natural borders in the form of the Sole Valley to the north, the Non Valley, Molveno Lake and the Paganella Mountain to the east, the Giudicarie Valleys to the south, and the Rendena Valley to the west. The entire Brenta range lies in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park.
The Brenta Dolomites are traditionally divided into three parts. First there’s the central part, which is accessed from Molveno and Madonna di Campiglio. This is the most popular part for hikers, and has a number of huts. The northern and southern parts are wilder and not as popular.
There are a number of peaks over 3,000m, and many are home to local mountain huts.
There are two main lakes: Molveno Lake and Tovel Lake, as well as other smaller distinctive mountain lakes. There are four main routes of access to the Brenta Dolomites: from Molveno, the Giudicarie Valleys (Ambiez Valley and Algone Valley), the Rendena Valley, more specifically Madonna di Campiglio and S. Antonio di Mavignola, the Non Valley, the Tovel Valley, and the Peller mountain hut.

Gli accesi alle Dolomiti di Brenta sono principalmente quattro: da Molveno; dalle Valli Giudicarie (dalla Val d’Ambiez e dalla Val d’Algone); dalla Val Rendena, in particolare da Madonna di Campiglio e da S. Antonio di Mavignola; dalla Val di Non, dal Val di Tovel o dal Rifugio Peller.


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