Castello di Avio

Avio Castle

This large castle complex of Avio seems to have been delicately placed in this hilly landscape, pandering to the rocky ledges with its imposing outer walls, five towers, the baronial palace and the majestic fortified tower. In the midst of the greenery is the guards’ quarter, which houses an extraordinary cycle of 14th-century frescoes depicting war scenes. On the fourth floor of the fortified tower is the ‘Chamber of Love’.
Following a paved path that winds through the green vineyards, you come to the entrance tower to the upper castle, the architecture of which has clear Romanesque features, completely missing from the fourth internal quarter, with its ‘open towers’ layout, which is more functional for defensive purposes. The access road flanks a long stretch of outer walls, where, halfway up, you can see the traces of an old series of merlons, which was then covered up by the upper section of the wall, necessary to defend the castle more effectively against assault methods that became increasingly aggressive over time.
The castle, which sits on the peak of Sabbionara Hill and is sheltered by Mount Baldo, overlooks the lower Lagarina Valley.


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