Lorenzo Cosi

Professional audio engineer and sound designer/music composer
Almost ten years of experience in music production and mixing
From dance music to video soundtracks
A lot of skills as a boom operator

My name is Lorenzo Cosi, born in 1992, audio engineer by profession and sound designer / producer by vocation. From an early age I have always been in contact with music, from saxophone to guitar, up to nowadays with strong skills in the use of Ableton Live, production and post production. Formed by years of concerts in the youth club of my country, I decided to undertake a training course first at Nam Milano and then at the Academy Mohole in Lambrate (MI). I currently works mainly as an audio technician with the 'Old Country' company of Trento. If I had to describe myself in four words these would be: solar, responsible, precise (also considered my weak point) and determined to achieve my big dream: open my own studio.