Ruby O. Fee, one of the rising stars in German cinema’s firmament and recently seen in Andreas Dresen’s AS WE WERE DREAMING, plays 18-year-old Zazy who is doing an apprenticeship to become a seamstress in a little town in the Italian region of Trentino. After meeting the elegant and rather well-off Marianna from Germany, she sees a chance of moving up into better circles. Together with her older boyfriend Tomek, Zazy finds a way of gaining an entrée to Marianna’s life. It’s not long before the young couple have Marianna under their control — but then a sadistic power struggle begins… ZAZY is M.X.Oberg’s first feature film since directing STRATOSPHERE GIRL in 2004.

  • Matthias X Oberg
  • Matthias X Oberg
  • Ralf Mendle
  • Katja Schloemer
  • Verena Reuter
  • Michael Schloemer
  • Gilles Mann Filmproduktion
  • Gabi Scheffler
  • Ruby O. Fee, Philippe Brenninkmeyer
  • Massimo Lorenzato
  • Paolo Iezzi