Loosely based on “Vinodentro” novel by Fabio Marcotto, Giovanni is this movie main character, he is a man that has to recall and to explain his life transformations
through a journey in wine world and, moreover, in the middle of a police
investigation. At the beginning of this recap he was a teetotal, loyal husband,
bank employee living a plain and simple life; one day a mysterious “Professor”
persuades him to taste a Marzemino wine glass: and this is the starting point
of his new life. He gets in touch with a world he did not know before and
thanks to it he discovers an endless passion leading him to become in a while
one of the most important international wine makers.
Giovanni is now invited
everywhere to participate in wine meetings and fairs. He starts getting to know
many weird characters and, among them, Margherita, a mysterious, breath-taking,
beautiful woman that without letting him know anything about her will draw him
in an amazing night of passion. The next day Giovanni is arrested: Adele, his
wife, was murdered and he is the main under suspicion one. The only person able
to exculpate him is Margherita, but she has disappeared.