una buona stagione


territory characterised by its beauty, strength and tradition. Peruzzi’s
family, fruit and essence of this land, knows about any of its secrets and
contractions, because they are part of it and benefit of its noblest fruit:
wine. “Una buona stagione” (ie a good season), is about a dream: elevating this
descent to world oenology’s Olympus creating an extraordinary good wine.
Unfortunately, Riccardo Peruzzi’s death in an accident breaks this dream. After
this fact, Marco, Peruzzi’s family younger and most loved son, decides to leave
his family, his land, his destiny, disappearing for 10 years. Back to the
present, Peruzzi’s are just a shade of the family they were, hit by destiny but
not defeated, overloaded with debts, risking loosing anything they possess.
Pressed by guilt they don’t know about, they also ignore they are the target of
a woman’s revenge they consider an ally.