Painful issues push Augusta, a young Italian woman, to doubt the certainties on which she has
built her life. On a small boat in the immensity of the Amazon nature, she starts her trip with sister Franca. She is a nun in friendship with Augusta’s mother that has to get to her religious mission among Amazon Indians. Augusta’s path seems to be characterised by questions she does not how to answer to.
Once left Franca in her mission, Augusta experiences Manaus’ favelas reality: here she meets local simple people and starts feeling again the ancestral strength of life instinct. She, thus, lives her personal trip pushing her to live isolated in the forest, embracing pain and
rediscovering love, in her body and in her soul.
Augusta, in this new dimension in which nature has a prophetical meaning, establishing new
life-rhythms and essential priorities, faces the adventure of searching for herself, embodying the universal issue related to the meaning of human existence.
The movie was shot in Amazonia, whereas the scenes set in Italy were shot in Trentino during winter 2011.