Past midnight Trento’s roads are empty, clubs close and their customers go home, silence
lays hands on the city. Well after the sunset, the host of this peculiar
television program meets city’s main characters: the baker, the night security
guard, the nurse, the worker, the fireman, the call-centre’s worker. The host
tunes in with them, helping us discover the world of jobs hidden by the dark of
the night and of the numerous characters populating city’s nightlife.

  • Sebastiano Luca Insinga, Luigi Pepe
  • Giuseppe Campanale, Simone Cargnoni, Sebastiano Luca Insinga, Luigi Pepe
  • Simone Cargnoni, Sebastiano Luca Insinga
  • Luigi Pepe
  • Giuseppe Campanale
  • Giuseppe Campanale
  • Jump Cut, OP.IM Srl

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