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Mozambique – Paths of peace reports the diplomatic path that in 1992 re-established peace in Mozambique, a political endeavour that finally concluded the violent civil war
and prepared the ground for a steady democracy.
After 20 years from these facts, the movie recalls the exceptional human and political path
done to reach peace.
The main characters of this adventure, as Mozambique’s political leaders, mediators, diplomats and mainly, Mario Raffaelli, report with their own words the events.
Mario Raffaelli, director of this diplomatic story, dedicated ten years of his life working on
Mozambique’s issue, at first as Italy’s Undersecretary for foreign affairs and
then as mediation coordinator during peace treaty. He after became president of
Amref Italia, and his accomplishment is now reported in international law’s
book, thus changing many rules and dogma previously employed in diplomatic

  • José Luis Sol de Carvalho
  • Francesco Lauber
  • Pierpaolo Ferlaino
  • Carlo Missidenti
  • Angelo Talocci
  • Linnea Merzagora