This short animation movie reports all emotions, fears and hopes the director collected
listening to who experienced in first person the dramatic period of the 2nd
world war getting thus inspiration from them.
War events are told, with a quite unusual vivid style, using the perspective of Mila, a child
pushed to face with her own strength the sad reality surrounding her.
One of the main aims of the project is highlighting the dramatic situation of children, still
nowadays victims of wars that carry on raging in many corners of the world.

  • Cinzia Angelini
  • Cinzia Angelini
  • Pepe Valencia
  • Tim Denin
  • Richard Smitheman (art direction)
  • Luis Grane (character design)
  • Chris Pinkston
  • Ibiscus Production, Pixel Cartoon
  • Andy Gahan
  • Pixel Cartoon