The title of the
movie means “Italian” but connoted by a strong disparaging tone. The main
character of this movie is Pietro, an Italian child leaving to
Germany to meet his father, emigrated some years before in order to find a job.
is a courageous, shy and sweet child, but in a country of which he does not
know the language and where he has not a home, his life is not going to be
easy. Through his experience the movie tells the world of Italian emigrants in
Germany, their hopes, their frustrations, their efforts to get a better future
than the one they had back in their native country. 

  • Toni Trupia
  • Toni Trupia, Michele Placido, Leonardo Marini
  • Arnaldo Catinari
  • Davide Vizzini
  • Nino Formica
  • Andrea Cavalletto
  • Davide Cavuti, Marco Biscarini
  • Goldenart Production Srl
  • Antonio Stefanucci
  • Michele Placido, Francesco Scianna, Monica Barladeanu
  • Federico Verdinelli
  • Giorgio Santomaso
  • Stefano Campestrin, Massimo Lorenzato
  • Sabin Paz Leandro
  • Romano Magrone
  • Maria Ida Clementel
  • Miriam Rossi
  • Alex Tapparelli
  • Roberto Rampanelli Menotti
  • Pixel Cartoon
  • G.m. Noleggi Srl
  • Leandro Sabin Paz