Il volto di un'altra


Bella and Bob
are a married couple. She is an anchorwoman in a successful TV program
dedicated to aesthetic surgery; he is a famous plastic surgeon collaborating in
his wife TV program, making live surgeries. The story takes place in ”Belle
vie”, a luxury South-Tirol clinic for plastic surgery. In this place the day of
guests is characterised by music diffused by loudspeakers and by plasma screens
on which Bob wishes them a nice day. The guests, different in social class and
in type, share the desire of appearing and of being protagonists of every
event, even just as spectators. They go around the clinic, dressed in smart
gown, swallowing pills and drinking crystalline water brought by beautiful
nurses. The guests go around in this very glamorous Dante’s circle exhibiting
their body wrapped up in bandages, which sometimes hide even their identity.
The vivid colours of furniture and of dresses and the comical spirit help
balancing the cynical, pessimistic and catastrophic vision of the world, thus
transforming the movie narration in a good occasion to laugh about it.

  • Pappi Corsicato
  • Italo Petriccione
  • Cristiano Trovaglioli
  • Andrea Crisanti
  • Roberto Chiocchi
  • Laura Chiatti, Alessandro Preziosi
  • R&C Produzioni Srl, Rai Cinema