The desire, need and -sometimes- dream of possessing, buying and use goods and stuff is
something natural and instinctive, but nowadays frantic rush to buy in goods
and stuff is becoming a paroxysmal behaviour.
 The mall (il Centro cited in the title of the movie), at the same time place and non-place, is the ideal set to depict the depersonalisation to which consumerism is pushing us.
Consumerism is a monster of contemporary world able to reset the past and the future of people, focusing just on the present time.

  • Stefano Consiglio, Francesco Dal Bosco
  • Stefano Consiglio, Francesco Dal Bosco
  • Francesco Di Giacomo
  • Silvia Di Domenico, Ignazio Vellucci
  • Gianluca Scarlata
  • Rocco De Rosa
  • Bibi Film TV Srl