Alps are showed
as a peculiar modernity laboratory: one of the widest natural ecosystem in the
whole Europe, main biodiversity reserve and, at the same time, the most
affected by anthropization among the big mountainous chains, with its numerous
tourist and recreational areas. Alps are presented as a key-place where observe
and studythe complexity of social, economic and political interactions,
contributing to landscape transformation and to people’s perception of it.

The movie,
started thanks to a research of the movie director Armin Linke and of the
architect Piero Zanini, underwent a long editing and production stage of about 8
years and was anticipated by a preview “in progress” awarded at Venice Biennale
and at Graz Biennial on Media and Architecture.

“Alps” is
particularly focused on locations where human activities, meeting mountains,
produce a kind of friction whose sparks reverberate also
on the imaginary level.

  • Armin Linke
  • Armin Linke, Piero Zanini
  • Armin Linke
  • Giuseppe Ielasi, Armin Linke
  • Renato Rinaldi
  • Giuseppe Ielasi, Renato Rinaldi
  • Armin Linke
  • Armin Linke