Borgo Sacco - Chiesa San Giovanni Battista

San Giovanni Battista Church

The church is a fine example of Baroque art.
The first news of a chapel in honor of St. John the Baptist dates back to 1200 and was consecrated in 1240.
The enlargement of the original building was approved by the vicar of bishop G. A. Gallo on May 26, 1546.
In 1655 the church was completely demolished except for the bell tower and the sacristy.
Rebuilt and completed in 1658.
In 1720 the sculptor and architect Antonio Giuseppe Sartori (1714-1792) and Gasparo Antonio Baroni Cavalcabò, painter (1682-1759), designed another span of the church with the choir and the two side staircases, the double ceiling with the Paradisetto and the current facade.
These works were completed in the years 1754-1758.
In 1990 the internal and external stuccos were also restored.


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