Besenello - Castel Beneso

Beseno Castle

Beseno Castle occupies an entire hilltop overlooking the Adige Valley, between Rovereto and Trento. It hosts contemporary exhibitions, cultural events and shows performed in costume, and sits against the magnificent backdrop of the vast Campo dei Tornei, today well-kept garden. The fortress was once the scene of historic battles, from the wars against Verona in the 12th and the 13th centuries to the battle of 1487 between Trentino and Venice, the armed battles between French revolutionaries and the Austrians, and the First and Second World Wars.
The big moon-shaped bastions that characterise Beseno Caste date back to the 16th century. The main gate used to have a drawbridge, and as you enter the castle you will see three cannon emplacements in the first courtyard. To the side is the clock tower and the granary. As you cross the central part of the Castle you come to the quarters of the castle inhabitants. The feudal complex originally comprised three turrets as tall ad the two highest peaks of the hilltop. The third housed the Bishop’s Quarters and the New Palace.


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