Valli di Non e Sole

  • Val di Non - Valle dell'Adige - Vallagarina - Val di Sole - Valsugana - Valle dei Laghi - Valle del Sarca

    Apple orchards

    There are many agricultural areas in Trentino where apples are grown. Obviously the most important and famous area is the Val di Non.

  • Lago di Tovel

    Lake Tovel

    Lake Tovel is an alpine lake in the Municipality of Tuenno, at 1,178m above sea level in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park. It is also referred to as the ‘Lake of the…

  • Pejo


    Pejo is best known for the spa and water sector. Located at 1,584 m, it is the highest village in Trentino with a permanent community. Various and well-equipped with artistic furnishings and…

  • Val di Non

    The Non Valley Canyon

    In the heart of the small town of Fondo is the Rio Sass Canyon, a gorge carved out by the Rio Sass waterway which runs through the town, and can be explored…

  • Malga Stabét

    The Saent Waterfall

    Easily accessible on foot, the Saent waterfall is a truly picturesque feature of this corner of Stelvio National Park.

  • Coredo

    The San Romedio Sanctuary

    The San Romedio Sanctuary is a sanctuary dedicated to the figure of San Romedio and is located on a steep rocky outcrop in the natural setting of the Non Valley, in the…

  • Ton

    Thun Castle

    Located on a hilltop with a view over the entire Non Valley, Thun Castle is surrounded by a complex system of fortifications made up of towers, walls, bastions, parapets and trenches dating…

  • Vermiglio

    Velon Fort

    Fort supporting the overlying Strino fort.