T-Green Film

To celebrate its 100th supported production since its founding in 2011, the Trentino Film Fund and Commission are launching a new tool to promote environmental sustainability in the film industry.

The first regional Film Fund to give both green certification and financial incentives for environmentally-friendly productions.

Production companies shooting films or TV series in Trentino can now adopt the T- Green Film rating system that will guide them, in all the stages of their work, towards an approach that is both environmentally financially sustainable. The initiative includes advice from how to optimise electricity consumption and the organisation of transport, to the selection of materials, catering solutions and much more. The independent environmental protection agency, APPA (Agenzia Provinciale per la Protezione dell’Ambiente), will take on the role of monitoring the different stages of production and the company’s compliance with the scheme’s criteria and, should the film receive certification, the Trentino Film Fund will reward the company with an incentive for their respect for the environment.

How it works:

  • During the application phase, the company can elect to adopt the T- Green Film rating system by stating how many green points they intend to obtain relating to a supplied checklist.
  • During the evaluation phase, extra points – and thus an extra contribution – will be awarded on the basis of the green points accrued.
  • Both during production and at the end of the shoot, the company will work closely with APPA, who will verify the company’s performance of the required actions.
  • On finishing the shoot, APPA will award the film with the T- Green Film certification and the Trentino Film Fund will then release its contribution.

A territory rich in spectacular locations, a Film Fund that supports quality productions and, today, an additional tool for working in harmony with the environment.

Why not have a look at the T-Green Film rating system?