T-Green Film

In 2017, Trentino Film Fund and Commission launched a new tool for promoting environmental sustainability in the world of cinematography.

T–Green Film is the first regional fund in Europe that awards and certifies film production companies applying environmental protection measures to their work.

The film production companies that shoot films or television series in Trentino can use the T-GREEN FILM protocol that guides them in adopting a more sustainable approach in their work. By implementing the practices indicated in the standard, they can optimise power consumption and the use of transportation vehicles, manage the selection of materials, meal activities and waste and communicate sustainability.

An external agent, APPA of Trento (Provincial Agency for the Protection of the Environment), will check the work phases and compliance with the actions. If the film obtains TFC certification, it will give them an extra contribution to reward their respect for the environment.

How it works:

  • When applying, the company may choose to follow the T-GREEN FILM protocol, indicating how many green points it intends to achieve based on the checklist.
  • During evaluation phase, the project will be assigned an additional score – and therefore an additional contribution – based on the green points expected.
  • During production and once it is finished, the company will be in contact with APPA that will check for compliance with the expected actions.
  • Once shooting is completed, APPA will assign the T-GREEN FILM certification to the film and TFC will confirm the contribution.

Since 2017, many projects have received T-Green Film certification towards sustainable film-making.

Trentino Film Commission is committed to spreading and adapting the T-Green Film brand by creating an international network and to help film and TV production companies adopt common approached based on sustainability.

T-GREEN FILM has been developed in association with APPA (Agenzia Provinciale per la Protezione dell’Ambiente) and TIS Engineering.