Irene Dorigotti

Born in Rovereto in 1988. I graduated from a Social Sciences High School and it’s here that I find for the first time the subject of Anthropology and I fall in love. To evolve my newborn passion, I apply to a Bachelors degree in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology in Bologna; I engage in a program in Falun, Sweden, where I develop my interest in visual anthropology. This new passion, along with the need to narrate the stories of my native country, allow me to shoot a short film in Australia about the Trentinian immigrators. I go on to a phase where i become a peacemaker in Kosovo. As soon as I graduated with a Bachelors degree I decide to continue my studies in the Culture Department, Politics and Society of the University of Turin, I move to Rwanda for research purposes. With my university experience, I follow some lectures in the Holden School, in order to sharpen my narrating skills. In June of 2013 I become a supporting director for a documentary shot in Senegal that follows the construction of a hospital for diabetics. Not yet satisfied, I participate in a workshop narrating adventure 2014 where i discover that I could compose a film of my own, Kigali Colors.