Fort Larino

Fort Larino is an Austro-Hungarian military fort, located in Lardaro in the Province of Trento, in the Chiese Valley. It was built in a place where the Chiese Valley narrows, allowing for excellent control of the surrounding territory.
The fort was built in 1860 to defend the road from Brescia, back when it had just fallen into the hands of the Italians, and is a good example of fortified architecture, with its chiselled granite ashlars and uninterrupted moat. It played an important role in the Third Italian War of Independence and the First World War.
It was part of a series of fortresses: the Lardaro Blockade, which also included Fort Corno (accessible via a trail), Fort Danzolino, Fort Cariola, and Fort Revegler. Between 2006 and 2008 the structure underwent refurbishments.
Fort Larino is easy to reach and has lots of newly-built parking spaces around it, along with toilets, water, electricity and heating – in times of war it held up to 100-150 people – with a large outdoor space. There are several adjoining buildings suitable for holding meetings, conferences, etc.

Di facile raggiungimento con ampio parcheggio - ristrutturato - presenza di servizi igenici, acqua, luce e possibile riscaldamento - in tempo di guerra capienza di 100/150 persone - grande spazio esterno - vicinanza con edifici limitrofi adatti a ospitare sale riunioni, conferenze ecc..


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